Dorset Inspiration

Times are tough and purse strings are tied tight so what better way to still enjoy the holidays than embark on an adventure into Dorset’s countryside. The cost of an adventure park for a family is often way out of limits, but may be completely unnecessary! Dorset is rich with treasure, surprises, secrets, mystery and … Continue reading Dorset Inspiration


Nestled in the low valley of the Stour, hidden behind the large estate of Kingston Lacy and neighboured by the conurbation of Wimborne, Pamphill is a little gem, glistening along with the water. Buried in woodland with a 17th century manor house and fed by a small local farm shop, its history was endorsed by … Continue reading Pamphill

Bere Regis, the Devils Stone and Shitterton

Follow ancient paths and Holloway’s through the landscape of Bere Regis. Pass the mysterious Devil’s Stone, sitting at the peak of Black Hill, surrounded by historical activity, to the redundant church at Turners Puddle. Find the little River Piddle with perfect muddy beaches for the odd wild swim in the shallow waters and a swing … Continue reading Bere Regis, the Devils Stone and Shitterton

Wild Swimming

After the effects of Covid, Dorset is experiencing a massive boom in tourism. The beaches can fill up quickly, but there are plenty of other places, away from the crowds, to escape the high temperatures! It can even be possible to find your own little spot. Waytown (For coastal swimming see the Jurassic Coast page) … Continue reading Wild Swimming