The Big Map of Dorset

The Big Map of Dorset is a hand drawn, to scale map of the whole county. It is drawn using pen and pencil onto four separate canvases, adding up to a total size of approximately 2 metres by 2 metres. The map records only a simple selection of earthworks, woodland, water, roads, tracks and settlement.

**The original is in Dorset County Museum**

**A large print is also in Buckingham Palace**

Simplifying the county has created a different perspective. It highlights historical activity that spans centuries, merging it with what exists today. Roads turn to tracks and back to roads as they follow the ridges of hilltops. Cranborne Chase is dominated by its ancient monuments and the scattered forests mark the wilder areas. The rivers carve the valleys, the railways cut the countryside and the roman roads still transport the traffic.

It was correct at time of production, to the best of my knowledge, and includes information collected from all Tess of the Vale adventures. The data has been combined with many other sources including historical, geological and even admiralty maps as well as Google Earth, the OS and the finer details of estate agent records.

The map is available to buy as a print, however I recommend the bigger the better, detail is at risk of getting lost. And, I apologise, but I am unable to offer refunds.

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