Wheelchair Accessibility

As rural as Dorset is, there are still some adventures that can cater to all abilities. Here is a small selection, that I hope will grow, suitable for wheelchair access in the countryside.

The North Dorset Trailway

A hard core route stretching from Sturminster Newton to Blandford. Parking areas at Sturminster, Fiddleford, Shillingstone, Stourpaine and Blandford Forum

Spetisbury Old Railway

A hard core route, tracing the old railway. Starting as far west as Wards Drove in Blandford St Mary to Spetisbury. The easiest parking and ramp to the path at Spetisbury (Postcode: DT11 9DF, Grid reference: ST908029, What Three Words: loads.poets.fitter). Although the second part of the linked walk is not accessible, the track to Tarrant Crawford Church is.

Tarrant Rushton airfield

An old WWII airfield, the external circular concrete boundary easily accessible. Parking at the memorial next to the old hanger on the Witchampton road (Postcode: DT11 8SB, Grid reference: ST949061, What Three Words: mallets.learn.protester). The linked bike ride is not fully accessible, however does include some history of the site, as does the Tarrant Monkton walk.

Wareham Forest

A mixture of wood and heath with stone tracks, contains many options to follow with a number of parking options available along Sugar Hill road.

Verwood Forest

Verwood Forest is similar to Wareham with its environment, terrain, access and ability to explore where you like. However, the small climb to the woodland can get a bit rough under wheel. The linked walk is not all accessible, sadly including Stephens Castle itself, but the route from the Monmouth Ash, through Bugden’s Copse to the Heavy Horse Farm, skirting the castle to your right, is suitable, depending on weather conditions.

Old Harry’s Rocks

Wide, flat paths and tracks help guide the way the rocks and the journey can be continued along the ridge if you’re happy with a bit of a climb!


Durlston has been made to be accessible. The paths are easily navigable and sturdy all around the castle and up to the Victorian entrance to Tilly Whim Caves. Off road wheelchairs and mobility scooters are available from the visitor centre.

If you know of any other places, in the rural areas of Dorset, please let me know and I will check them out and add them to the list!.

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