Colmers Hill

From the little village of Symondsbury, walk along the permissive paths of the estate to Dorset’s most impressive Holloways. Hidden deep within the sandstone and amongst the roots of trees, it creates a secret and mystical atmosphere. Climb to the top of Colmer’s Hill, to stand at the peak, in the centre of the pine … Continue reading Colmers Hill

Dorset’s top 12 spooky places

A selection of tales and mysteries about tragedy and despair. The lives of people that have left their everlasting mark on the landscape, now hidden amongst brambles, whispered in the wind or sparkling in the shadows. From country houses to isolated beaches, lonely roads to hidden earthworks, the county of Dorset is full of ruins … Continue reading Dorset’s top 12 spooky places

West to East Chelborough

Circle the hidden landscape of East and West Chelborough. Accessible only down dead end roads, this forgotten area was once powerful. Dominated by two castles both eventually lost, the stone recycled in local farm buildings. Little is known, but swords have been found! It neighbours a secret church. Built in the valley and circled by … Continue reading West to East Chelborough