Dorset Trees

Dorset is full of deep forest, patches of wild wood and thousands of scattered oak trees. Some have trumped development, requiring architectural redesigns and roads to turn corners, while others have brought buildings to rubble with their strong roots. They have stood for centuries, watching the world survive through plague to war and travel change from cart to car.

The valleys below the chalk hills of Dorset were full of wild animals and impassable terrain, so much so it scared the Romans. Hunting became its main use before development slowly encroached. However, many specimens remain, marking this ancient forest, or have been placed on purpose as landscape design of the Lords of the Manor.

Some are hidden, some stand in plain sight but all have their own tales to tell.

The Bulbarrow Yew

Wyndham’s Oak

The Martyrs Tree

The Posy Tree

Bridmore Avenue

Badbury Rings

Remedy Oak

Monmouth Ash