Dorset’s top 12 spooky places

A selection of tales and mysteries about tragedy and despair. The lives of people that have left their everlasting mark on the landscape, now hidden amongst brambles, whispered in the wind or sparkling in the shadows. From country houses to isolated beaches, lonely roads to hidden earthworks, the county of Dorset is full of ruins … Continue reading Dorset’s top 12 spooky places

Dorset Hillforts

A hillfort is a type of earthwork once used as a fortified refuge or defended settlement, located to exploit a rise in elevation for defensive advantage. Hillforts developed in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age, roughly at the start of the first millennium BC, some later used in the post-Roman period. The fortification usually … Continue reading Dorset Hillforts

Maiden Castle and Winterborne St Martin

Follow the footsteps of ancient settlers, from the largest Hillfort in Europe, possibly the world. Wander through the countryside, passing numerous Bronze Age Barrows to Winterborne St Martin. Explore the village to then clamber up through the dry chalk valleys to one of the most populated ancient sites in the country, with views stretching across … Continue reading Maiden Castle and Winterborne St Martin