Compton Abbas Airfield

Watch the planes take off from Compton Abbas Airfield as you stroll down the county lane to Fontmell Down. Walk along the edge of the slopes with views across the hedge lined fields, woodland and church towers of the Blackmore Vale to Hambledon Hill. Venture deep into Fontmell Wood weaving through the trees and down … Continue reading Compton Abbas Airfield

Fontmell Downs, Compton Abbas and Melbury Hill

From the peak of Clubman's Down, wander across the ancient, earthwork littered landscape to the meeting spot of countryside rebels, armed with scythes and pitchforks. Explore Compton Abbas village and the last remains of its old Church tower. Climb Melbury Beacon, one of the highest points in Dorset, providing views across Shaftesbury to the north, … Continue reading Fontmell Downs, Compton Abbas and Melbury Hill