Melcombe Horsey

Explore the landscape of the Melcombes. Several villages with similar names, but all with a different history. Discover the deserted village, the manor and the farm surrounded by footprints of the past. Climb the medieval trackways to reach the Dorsetshire Gap, an ancient junction of five routes, linking the northern and wild Blackmore Vale to … Continue reading Melcombe Horsey

Hazelbury Bryan

Wander around the small hamlets that combine to make the parish of Hazelbury Bryan. From escaping the Black Death and the flames they used to extinguish it, the settlement has shifted away from the church leaving it isolated and alone. Skim the tip of the valley of the River Lydden that fed the old mill, … Continue reading Hazelbury Bryan

Lyscombe Bottom

Circle the steep horseshoe bowl of Lyscombe Bottom. Explore the surrounding ancient landscape filled with hillforts and medieval trackways to find the remains of the lost little village. Clamber the ruins in the valley and then slopes to the views, all in the heart of Dorset. Distance: 3.5 miles/5.7km Duration: 2 hours Ability: Medium Terrain: … Continue reading Lyscombe Bottom