Bulbarrow, Woolland and Ibberton

Starting at the third highest point in Dorset, wander along its peak through the ancient landscape that contains a 3000 year old tree, Bronze Age burial mounds and an Iron Age hillfort. Skim the woodland following the paths down to the Saxon villages of Woolland and Ibberton, with each church containing its own treasure, including … Continue reading Bulbarrow, Woolland and Ibberton


In the deep dark valley of Turnworth, an inspiration for Thomas Hardy’s most mysterious novel ‘The Woodlanders', climb up the western slopes to Bell Hill. The ridge splits this section of Dorset in two, to the south are the large open dairies, to the north is the Blackmore Vale filled with patchwork fields and forest. … Continue reading Turnworth

Ibberton Hill

A short but sweet explore of the slopes of Ibberton. The hills divde Dorset into different patterns of North and South, visible from the peak of Ibberton. Walk in the footsteps of Roman soldiers as well as the writer Thomas Hardy. Distance: 3 miles/ 5km Duration: 1.5 hours Ability: Easy, short, good for kids. Terrain: … Continue reading Ibberton Hill