Health and well-being

The stresses of having everything to do all the time and, in this modern world, immediately, can be disabling. More recently we have been told to take more time for ourselves, love ourselves, look after ourselves. But even this has to take a back seat sometimes. It’s never a priority in the real world. With the added impact of the recent virus, our mental health has taken a battering.

Expense is another prevention. If a cost is added to looking after yourself, then tight budgets can dismiss it.

Loneliness is also rampant in our day and age. The impact of COVID has added weight to this too, preventing those interactions we all need as human beings.

Walking is the best form of exercise. It’s possible for a large spectrum of abilities and the cost is free. Other activities are also available, to those more active, such as bike riding and running. All of which are safe and abide by the ever changing rules imposed by the pandemic.

The possibilities of these are endless, but to identify locations can be tricky. Tess of the Vale provides an option.

Combined with adventure, mystery, history and nature, Tess of the Vale hopes to inspire people to get out enjoy the environment while improving their overall well being. It is suitable for groups, families, friends and individuals. And you can never feel lonely in nature.