Stratton, Grimstone Down and Forcey’s Tower

Explore the chalk ridgeway north of Dorchester, passing small settlements and climbing ancient earthworks. Discover an isolated tower, fitted with its own bell. Placed here in memory of a farming family and in celebration of farming methods, benefiting the countryside. Climb back up the slopes to an ancient crossroads marked with a stone cross and … Continue reading Stratton, Grimstone Down and Forcey’s Tower

Sandford Orcas to Poyntington

Walk along the county boundary that divides Somerset and Dorset. Pass an ancient Manor House that claims to be home to many spirits, which were mostly manufactured by the owner. Meet the source of the River Yeo, a modest overgrown and hidden spot in comparison to its neighbour, the River Stour’s, Greek inspired Palladian lakes. … Continue reading Sandford Orcas to Poyntington

Lyscombe Bottom

Circle the steep horseshoe bowl of Lyscombe Bottom. Explore the surrounding ancient landscape filled with hillforts and medieval trackways to find the remains of the lost little village. Clamber the ruins in the valley and then slopes to the views, all in the heart of Dorset. Distance: 3.5 miles/5.7km Duration: 2 hours Ability: Medium Terrain: … Continue reading Lyscombe Bottom