Fifehead Neville

Explore the little villages of the Fifeheads. Discover a giant mausoleum in the churchyard and the pack horse bridge over the River Devilish (one of only a few surviving in the county). Pass the site of one of Dorset’s most impressive Roman villas, which has unearthed Roman jewellery, elegant stone columns and elaborate mosaics. Return … Continue reading Fifehead Neville

Gussage Down

In the north east corner of Dorset sits the ancient landscape of Cranborne Chase. High on its chalk hills, wander through the spiritual environment crossed by a mysterious Neolithic causeway. Discover Bronze Age burial mounds, explore the large earthworks of an Iron Age settlement and join the footsteps of Roman soldiers on Ackling Dyke. Enjoy … Continue reading Gussage Down

Ryme Intrinseca and Clifton Maybank

From the hamlet of Stoford, surrounded by a selection of medieval buildings, cross over the stream to enter into Dorset. Climb the hills, marked with landowners natural and manmade decoration, to the mysterious village of Ryme Intrinseca, accompanied with legends of a golden table taken during the reformation and buried somewhere in the open countryside. … Continue reading Ryme Intrinseca and Clifton Maybank

Anderson and Combs Ditch

Begin at a unique church that has been saved by the spirit of Thomas Hardy, complete with original aged oak beams and once described by King Charles III as exquisite. Pass the 17th century Manor House growing old as its formal landscape, driveway and river crossing fade back to nature. In World War Two, the … Continue reading Anderson and Combs Ditch

Toller Porcorum to Wynford Eagle

In the village of the pigs, discover the old railway, now overtaken by trees, to clamber stiles, cross plank bridges and circle gnarly oaks in the narrow valleys of tributaries of the River Hooke. Climb to the top of Wynford Wood to gain wide open views across the Dorset countryside and down to the ancient … Continue reading Toller Porcorum to Wynford Eagle