Walk along the cliff tops to admire the treats installed by a local Victorian businessman passionate about stone and landscape. Discover the castle and 40 tonne stone globe, the romantic quotes and recycled posts, all installed for visitors entertainment over a century ago. Wander past the 18th century Tilly Whim caves, used for stone, smuggling … Continue reading Durlston


From deep valleys topped with wooded peaks to country manors unearthed by Time Team, uncover tales of saints protecting wildlife and disgruntled employees who set things alight. Walk in the footsteps of hunting royalty and pass the battlegrounds of the Civil War. Admire views to the coast while tracing the boundary of a medieval deer … Continue reading Hooke

Winterborne Whitechurch

Walk through the chalk hills and ancient woodland along the Winterborne valley. Encounter lost settlement and medieval tracks while circling the estates of Whatcombe and La Lee. The old manors are hidden amongst the scattered oaks on a landscape that helped more than hindered. Return through the village, passing one of the country estates of … Continue reading Winterborne Whitechurch