The Blackmore Vale

Off the beaten track and away from the tourists, sits the wide and open valleys of the Blackmore Vale. Mainly famous for its role in literature it has been immortalised by both Thomas Hardy and William Barnes. The four smaller rivers of the Cale, the Caundle Brook, the Lyddon and the Devilish all meet the … Continue reading The Blackmore Vale

Stourton Caundle

Discover the landscape explored by Enid Blyton‚Äôs Famous Five, complete with a secret castle, dungeons, deserted village remains and ruins. From her summer home, follow the river upstream to views across the Blackmore Vale to Hambledon Hill. Return to the valley past pockets of woodland in the company of deer and elusive muntjac. Distance: 4 … Continue reading Stourton Caundle

Tarrant Gunville

Wander through the high hills of the Tarrant Valley. Surrounded by ancient earthworks, Roman villas and a Roman road that still slices through the landscape on its way to Badbury Rings. Explore the wild woodland that circles the Estate of Eastbury. Once one of the biggest houses in the country and now just a shadow … Continue reading Tarrant Gunville

Stuck inside….

There are still ways in which we can appreciate what is around us despite the current circumstances. Rest, relax, breathe and explore! See the link below....